Accuracy in Media

It is no secret in Washington that if a Republican goes on Fox News, he or she can expect an environment where they can speak with limited interruption. Detractors of the network have seen relative success in consistently criticizing, if not lambasting the network for this reason. Bill Hemmer, a daytime news anchor, was able to buck this trend today. In what should have been a mundane bit about how the current Omnibus Spending Bill will balloon the deficit and give more economic pain to future American generations, Senator John Cornyn (R – TX) was quickly placed on the defensive (see around 2:20) regarding his own earmarks within said bill that he plans to vote against. Strange logic, yes. Surprising? No.

It is rare to find well researched, hard news. It is even more special when a reporter has no problem challenging his guest to be forthcoming. Our hat is off to Fox News today for giving us a clear example of balanced reporting. Who knows, maybe Fox is trying to teach the GOP a lesson?

Video courtesy of Fox News Channel

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