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Former NFL Executive: Colin Kaepernick is Unemployed because He’s a Bad Quarterback, Not the Protest

Former football executive Mike Lombardi was on The Ringer’s podcast, “GM Street,” and spoke about his take on why quarterback Colin Kaepernick is still unsigned [1] and unemployed. It was not due to his protests of the national anthem for the sake of racial persecution, but Kaepernick’s lack of respect within a locker room among his teammates and accuracy as a quarterback.

As much as the activist and liberal journalists may say it, Kaepernick’s national anthem protest is not solely to blame for him being unemployed as of right now. Here’s a part of what Lombardi said about Kaepernick on the podcast:

He can’t live on his arm. His accuracy is horrendous, OK? Horrendous. When he has to thrown the ball further than 10 yards down the field, his numbers shrink below 50 percent. He’s bad between 10 and 20 yards. The guy is not a very good quarterback. He has to run a certain system, which he did his first few years, [and] threaten with his feet. Now, when he has to play quarterback because he’s not running anymore, he’s looking for a job. … I think really when you look at this player and you study him, the system of offense that he wants to run has to involve his feet. He doesn’t make enough throws with his arm.