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With all of the scandals and incompetence plaguing this administration, it is important that Americans with knowledge of those incidents come forward and tell the world what they’ve seen, and what they know. Kevin Shipp, a member of the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi (CCB) is a former CIA officer, and did so himself years ago when he published From the Company of Shadows.

“I think the only thing, and the only way, that we are ever going to get to talk to the CIA witnesses [on Benghazi] is number one…they need to love their country more than they fear what the CIA is doing,” said Shipp at the CCB’s September 2013 conference. “It’s a thing called patriotism. God and country. … And I think that needs to be done for these witnesses, who are in a very difficult situation. But they need to love their country first. And start from that standpoint, and eliminate the fear and the intimidation that they’ve been put under. And they need to have someone to go to be able to do that and tell their story.”

Now, Shipp is calling on others to step up, and put country over their politics, and even, in some cases, their financial well-being. The times call for it. Here is Kevin Shipp’s call to action:

Whistleblowers: When will we see real whistleblowers in America? So far, all we have gotten are government employees who see corruption, but wait until they receive their government pension to expose what they knew all along, then court the media to make themselves look like heroes and solicit further financial benefit.

We are calling them out. From the VA, to NSA, CIA, IRS, Benghazi, where are the real heroes?

Staying silent while you see government corruption, so you can get your retirement, then coming out when the scandal is popular and there is no personal risk is not heroic, patriotic or whistleblowing. It is the worst form of cowardice: You hide until you are paid by the system you claim to expose.

Real patriots, American heroes, stand up, risking everything, their retirement, reputation, retribution from the government and years of retribution.

The model of the risk for freedom is the sacrifice of the American founders– statesmen, pastors, men and women who only wanted freedom for their families.

They risked everything, and many lost it all; their bank accounts were confiscated, their houses were burned down, their legal licenses revoked–and several were executed.

So, let’s define real heroes in the fight to protect the Constitution and publicly expose the cowards.

The classic example, among many: The VA scandal. The so-called whistle blowers stayed quiet, letting vets die, until it was popular to come out.

Let’s expose them and encourage the real heroes.

By Kevin M. Shipp

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