Accuracy in Media

From CBS News’ ’60 Minutes’ transcript from this past week on the rising violence and death toll in Chicago:

Brian Warner is a former Chicago cop. He was shot in 2011. Now Warner counsels officers suffering from extreme stress. He explained what a dozen beat cops told us off-camera: they had stepped back.

Brian Warner: You have a 911 call, you go to your 911 call. But if you’re one– aggressive patrol when you’re out looking for people breaking the law. That’s not happening as much as it was.

Bill Whitaker [CBS News correspondent]: You say they’re not being as proactive?

Brian Warner: No. They’re not. And how could you ask them to be? And why would you expect them to be?

Bill Whitaker: Because it’s their job. They signed on to do that.

Brian Warner: It’s my job to go to work and listen to your 911 calls and respond. That’s the basic ability of my job. So if you want me to do the basics that’s what I am doing now.

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