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The Broward County Sheriff’s department is under significant criticism after revelations were made public regarding the inaction of the department’s deputies before and during the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla.

Despite these revelations, Broward County Sheriff Scott IsraelĀ remains defiant amid calls for his suspension or resignation.

Here is what we know about the department’s actions so far:

  • There were warning signs and calls made to the FBI and sheriff’s department months before the shooting, which were not followed up by either government entity,
  • The on-duty deputy did not enter the building when gunshots rang out. Instead, he stayed outside until back-up came,
  • Three other deputies arrived and also did not enter the school,
  • Coral Springs police officers entered the school to find the shooter, not the deputies,
  • The security footage was behind by over twenty minutes, allowing the shooter to walk to the nearby mall until he was apprehended,
  • Deputies visited the shooter’s home multiple times, which specific number is disputed by the department.

The media reported that the deputies visited the shooter’s home at least 29 times, but no follow-up was conducted until after the shooting.

Buzzfeed reported that there were at least 45 total visits by deputies to the shooter’s residence, according to records they obtained.

The sheriff countered and said that they only visited the shooter’s residence 23 times. The discrepancy does not exonerate the department for not following up on the shooter.

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