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FIVE Most Random Wikileaks Emails about the Hillary Clinton Campaign

You thought that normal people were weird, but the John Podesta e-mails leaked by Wikileaks unearthed some strange things:

  1. Hillary Clinton needed a communications director to “sober her up some” [1] while campaigning at…4:30 in the afternoon. The press was confused and thought she was pandering to voters, but that was not the case.
  2. John Podesta took part in a Spirit Dinner [2], which include ingredients like breastfeeding milk and other odd food ingredients (if you want to call those that).
  3. Hillary Clinton stole furniture [3] from the State Department! Echoes of stealing White House furniture, huh?
  4. There was a mole from Clinton’s camp [4] in Joe Biden’s own camp to keep tabs on a potential political challenger.
  5. John Podesta’s password [5] was… “p@ssw0rd”? Really? That sounds too easy to hack.