Accuracy in Media

Cuban communist dictator Fidel Castro has died at age 90, but his brother Raul is still alive and in power. The liberal media ignores his human rights atrocities and this was exposed in a book written by a Cuban dissident. Here is one such excerpt from Humberto Fontova’s book:

“On July 14, 2011, only six months after Newsweek’s Tina Brown had pronounced Cuba among the ‘Best Countries in the World,’ an Iberia Airlines jet left Havana and landed in Madrid with a member of the ‘world’s luckiest people’ stowed away. A 23-year-old Cuban man, named Adonis G. B., was curled in the landing gear, crushed to death.  Adonis joined an estimated 70,000 Cubans dying (literally) to leave Fidel Castro’s handcrafted kingdom. Almost two million Cubans have made it out alive, from a nation formerly swamped with immigrants.”

Photo by televisione

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