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Fake News Outrage: Liberals Upset that Trump Allegedly Didn’t Shake Hands with Handicapped Child, but He Did

A staffer for a congressional Democrat tweeted out an edited video of an event at the Trump White House, where President Donald Trump allegedly ignored a wheelchair-bound child when he shook hands with everyone else.

Liberals were outraged and the tweet was retweeted (i.e. re-shared) by the likes of Keith Olbermann and author J.K. Rowling. The irony is that when the allegation was debunked, the staffer deleted the original tweet and apologized [1], “Deleted an earlier tweet because it turned out to be missing some context. Apologies.”

Here’s the video that the staffer tweeted out:

But, when you watch the entire unedited video, you can see that the president acknowledged and shook the hand of the child (at the 2:19 mark):

Another fake news outrage over a nothing burger.