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Last week over a dozen Trump supporters gathered in front of the Washington Post headquarters in Washington, D.C. to express their outrage over the mainstream news outlets use of fake news. The event was organized by Right Wing News, Main Street Patriots, and Americans for the Trump Agenda.  The organizers described the event online as follows:

“We the American people are calling out the Washington Post for its agenda driven fake news campaign to defame the Trump Administration with fake news, anonymous ‘sources’ and publishing leaks of highly classified information.”

The protest was very peaceful and prompted some of the people walking by got involved in discussions with the protesters.  One man asked a protester “What is not fake news?” After being told all mainstream media is fake news, the protester responded, “Independent grassroots media”

Trust in mainstream media has been declining over time, especially since the election of Donald Trump. A Gallup poll found that only 32 percent of Americans have a great deal or fair amount of trust in the media.

The use of only anonymous sources when it comes to Russian collusion stories hasn’t helped the mainstream media’s case. One protester said, “no question” that the use of the anonymous sources by the mainstream media has hindered their ability to report accurately. She continued “I see anonymous sources and I start to laugh”

The protesters asked that the Justice Department seek a “Maximum sentence” for leakers of classified information and argued that mainstream media outlets with information about leakers need to bring the evidence to the Justice department.

Along with protesting fake news, the group diluted it’s message by promoting policies from the Larouche PAC such as supporting China’s silk road project. The group criticized the Washington Post for lack of coverage of China’s Belt and Road Forum which promoted their new Silk Road.

AIM attempted to interview several employees of the Post but they all declined, except for one man who filmed himself mocking the protestors saying, “Lets grab ‘em by the p******, let’s cut education, and let’s provide hate.”

When asked why the Washington Post only uses anonymous sources for their Russian collusion stories he responded by saying “that doesn’t always happen.” When pressed to give examples of Russian collusion stories published by the Post that did not rely on information from anonymous sources, he failed to come up with any.


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