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Even NBC News Noted DNC’s ‘Struggles to Cash in on Anti-Trump Fervor’

The Democratic National Committee, or DNC, has struggled in fundraising over the summer. Instead, as NBC News [1] pointed out, Democratic-aligned political action committees (PACs) and other liberal groups are receiving donations from donors.

NBC News said that this struggle to fundraise is a concerning problem for the Left:

Fundraising has been sluggish all year at the DNC, as the Republican National Committee has been eager to point out in press releases and jeers at a recent softball game between the party staffs. The RNC raised $86.5 million so far this year and has $47.1 million in the bank, compared to the DNC’s $41.9 million fundraising haul and $6.9 million in the bank, offset by $3.4 million in debt…

The DNC has acknowledged they have rebuilding to do and that the party’s brand has been damaged after years of neglect and controversies [2], including its hacked emails — which led to top donor’s personal information being posted online — and its handling of the presidential primary process last year. Staffing had reached an all-time low when Perez took over about six months ago, and a new finance director and CEO didn’t start until earlier this summer.