Accuracy in Media

The Democratic congressional representatives mocked and jeered their Republican colleagues in Congress yesterday, after the final vote was tallied to repeal Obamacare via the American Health Care Act (AHCA). What did they do?

They sang some of the lyrics to the song, “Goodbye,” and waved good-bye to their colleagues, insinuating that the Republicans sealed their political careers with their vote to repeal Obamacare.

CNN editor Chris Cilizza criticized the decision to jeer their colleagues:

And the DC political class wonders why people hate them.
I understand that Democrats not only didn’t like the way this bill was passed — without any estimates on what it might cost or how many people might lose coverage as a result — but also believed the policies contained in it would leave the country and its people considerably worse off.
That is a worthy conversation to have. But, that’s not what Democrats were doing. Instead, they were jeering and mocking their colleagues.

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