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ESPN has suffered several significant public relations nightmares due to accusations of liberal and anti-conservative bias at the sports network.

Rather than sticking to sports, the network has allowed its staff to inject politics and culture into the discussion. Conservatives have criticized the network for being too political.

The chief example was black journalist Jemele Hill, who called President Donald Trump a white supremacist and was suspended for those comments.

Hill later posted on social media that professional football players should boycott and affect advertisers’ bottom line, which led to another suspension at ESPN, as the network has a contract with the NFL for Monday Night Football game broadcasts.

Hill said that she requested to be moved off the 6 p.m. SportsCenter show SC6 she co-hosted with Michael Smith.

Here’s what Hill posted on Twitter:

Hill said she wanted to return to storytelling and journalism, but, as some news outlets pointed out, ratings for SC6 paled in comparison to last year’s 6 p.m. SportsCenter show.

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