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Earlier this week on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, there was continued vilification of the Tea Party’s handling of the debt ceiling debate. During the episode, John Heilemann, New York Magazine writer, said:  “The actual catastrophe that the Tea Party was holding the country to in this case was of a totally different order of magnitude [than previous debt negotiations].” He characterized the Tea Party’s approach as, “If you don’t do what we want, we are going to let the country default on its debts and bring the economy to its knees.”

As the conversation continued, Heilemann reiterated his disdain for the Tea Party with, “Barack Obama never could have imagined that this group of people would have acted this insane,” furthering the anti-Tea Party bias. (If that is so, then the President must have a history of insanity: He voted not to increase the debt ceiling in 2006.)

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Journalists across the country have been using variations of the phrase “terrorist” when discussing the Tea Party’s influence on the debt ceiling debate. As AIM chairman Don Irvine pointed out, the leftist media bias concerning the Tea Party is more than flagrant. Bernard Goldberg commented on The O’Reilly Factor that these reporters “…are people who don’t call real terrorists, ‘terrorists,’” further indicating the Left’s willingness to slam the Tea Party for taking a hard, principled stance on the debt negotiations.

In 2008, Barack Obama ran his campaign on “Hope and Change” and his pledge to change “business as usual” in Washington. But his promises to close Guantanamo Bay and oppose lobbyists in his administration and Washington as a whole never materialized.

The fact is that Hope and Change came to the country, not with the election of Barack Obama, but in the form of the Tea Party movement, which had an overwhelming effect on the election of 2010 with Republicans taking over the House of Representatives. As Michael Steele said on Morning Joe, “You’ve never seen real hope and change, and you saw it with this group of people.”

For the first time in recent history, we have elected officials in Washington that came with principles and a guiding mission. High taxes and government spending are the Tea Party’s main concern. They have been saying since the beginning that they want a balanced budget amendment and no tax hikes. This position has not changed during the year, and in the course of the recent debates; however it has been vilified in the media and causes the media to compare these freshmen to terrorists and hostage takers.

In reality, the new group of freshmen that call themselves “Tea Partiers” may be the most principled group to come to Washington in quite some time. This is the group of people that really came to Washington to change up “business as usual.” While you may disagree with their policies, their unwillingness to compromise for the sake of pleasing Washington insiders gives us real hope that our leaders stand for something, and will stay true to their values.

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