Accuracy in Media

Take a look at the headlines and see if the liberal media is biased in covering the Communist Cuban dictator who had a record of human rights abuses:

  • CBS News: “Hundreds of thousands of Cubans pay last respects to Fidel Castro”
  • Los Angeles Times: “Fidel Castro’s divisive legacy is reflected in the guest list at his memorial”
  • New York Times: “Fidel Castro, Cuban Revolutionary who defied US, Dies”
  • New York Times: “Fidel Castro, a South African Hero”
  • NPR: “No, Fidel Castro wasn’t nearly a New York Yankee”
  • NPR: “In Havana, Cubans settle into long mourning period for Fidel Castro”
  • USA Today: “World leaders bid farewell to Fidel Castro”
  • Washington Post: “From a parade of foreign leaders, a glowing farewell to Fidel Castro”
  • Washington Post: “How Fidel Castro was at the heart of Middle East politics”

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