Accuracy in Media

The media narrative is that the Republican Party is in big trouble come the 2018 midterm elections next November due to the recent Virginia electoral results this week, but apparently forgot that the state of Virginia has become increasingly favorable for the Democratic Party.

For one, federal government jobs and government contracts continue to encourage voters to vote for Big Government platforms and promises, which tends to be the party platform for the Left.

Second, the population of non-white voters, college-educated voters, and younger voters (which tend to skew Democratic in voting) has grown in Virginia, particularly in northern Virginia outside Washington, D.C.:

On the demographic side, Virginia’s non-white population grew from 22 percent of the population to 28 percent between 2009 and 2013. And the population is also getting younger. The size of the population ages 18-29 has jumped from just 15 percent to 19 percent since 2009. Both younger voters and non-white Americans are simply less statistically likely to vote for any Republican.

Lastly, the last Republican governor was Bob O’Donnell, who won the governor’s mansion in 2010. The last Republican governor before him was Jim Gilmore in 1998. All in all, the state’s races lean in the Democratic Party’s favor.

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