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Despite Conflicting Reports, Liberal Media Outlets Jump on Story of Pipeline Protester’s Severed Arm

The liberal media continues to push erroneous narratives, at the expense of police officers and corporations. The Los Angeles Times and CNN ran headlines like the following, after reports surfaced that a Dakota Access Pipeline protester’s arm was severed after a police grenade hit her. The sheriff’s department said they don’t use grenades, but it could have been a propane tank explosion since protesters were rigging them to explode.

Yet, the liberal media ran headlines based on what the protesters were claiming, and not what the police had reported:

CNN [1]: “Dakota Access Pipeline: Protester nearly loses arm after explosion”

Los Angeles Times [2]: “Dakota Access pipeline protester may lose her arm after small explosion, activists say”

NBC News [3]: “Pipeline protesters decry excessive force after woman’s arm ‘blown out’ in clash with police”