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After a close special election in Pennsylvania, where Democratic Party congressional candidate Conor Lamb squared off and faced state politician Richard Saccone and barely edged him out in votes, House Democratic Caucus chair Joe Crowley (D-N.Y.) said it was “sexist” for Republicans to rail against Nancy Pelosi in a campaign race.

Nancy Pelosi, former Speaker of the House and now the Minority Leader in the House for the Democratic Party, is not beloved by Republicans. For the special election in the 18th district in Pennsylvania, Republicans and other outside groups spent $10 million to attempt to link Pelosi to the Democratic Party candidate Conor Lamb.

Crowley told the media, “This election was not about Nancy Pelosi…Conor Lamb really localized the issue. The attempt to nationalize it by the Republicans– I think they need to get a new gamebook…The attempts to use Nancy Pelosi, it’s failing them at this point.

“And I think quite frankly it’s sexist…So they need to move on from that.”

The media did not follow up with Crowley for his comments and why it is “sexist” to criticize an opponent over their politics.

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