Accuracy in Media

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D.-R.I.) wrote an opinion piece for CNN headlined, “Sen. Whitehouse: Trump is in the back pocket of billionaires.”

However, in his piece, he ignored the wealthy elites who fund his party.

Whitehouse criticized Republicans for accepting donations and influence from wealthy figures, ranging from the libertarian philanthropist brothers Charles and David Koch to “billionaire investor” Carl Icahn.

He specifically blasted the Kochs for their ties to the Trump administration, while ignoring the activists from the likes of liberal think tank Center for American Progress, who populated the Obama administration.

Whitehouse failed to mention powerful figures in his own party, such as environmental activist and vocal impeach-Trump billionaire Tom Steyer, actor George Clooney, former vice president and environmental activist Al Gore, Clinton ally John Podesta and George Soros.

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