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Protesters who disagree with the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (known by the acronym DAPL) decided to set fire to some tents in their campground. Fox News said that the protesters felt it would be easier to clean up as ashes instead of having to dismantle the tent (huh?!). The local government authorities had an eviction notice that expired last night for those willing to give themselves up, but they estimate that between fifty to seventy-five people will not leave willingly.

The liberal media coverage hasn’t been balanced, either, with headlines ignoring how protesters set fire to tents (which one would assume it would be headline-worthy material). The headlines also ignore the reality that local authorities are worried about environmental issues if the campground flooded without cleaning it up:

ABC News: Authorities move into Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp

Huffington Post: Dakota Access Protesters Arrested as Deadline Passes to Depart Camp

Los Angeles Times: Authorities close in on Dakota Access protest camp; some activists vow to stay and fight

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