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Headlines often highlight the Republican Party ties of political figures who make controversial statements but gloss over Democratic Party ties.

For example, Democratic Party councilman Trayon White in Washington, D.C., blamed Jews for the recent inclement weather. But media headlines failed to include his party ties. White referenced the Rothchild family, which is a longtime anti-Semitic reference to Jews and how they allegedly control the world’s finances and other matters — in his case, including the weather.

NBC’s D.C. affiliate ran the following headline: “D.C. Council Member Blames Jewish Financiers for Climate.”

The Washington Post’s headline read: “D.C lawmaker says recent snowfall caused by ‘Rothchilds controlling the climate.'”

USA Today’s headline was, “D.C. councilman blames snow on Jewish family ‘controlling the climate,’ later apologizes.”

In a Democratic Party-dominated district in Illinois, a Holocaust-denying GOP primary candidate was on track to win the party nomination for the congressional race in February.

Media headlines included “GOP” and portrayed the Republican Party as a sponsor of a Holocaust denier. However, the headlines failed to mention that the congressional district is a safe Democratic seat. The GOP also rejected the candidate as a party-endorsed primary candidate.

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