Accuracy in Media

A recent article I wrote, “Is Merger of Time Warner and Comcast a Good Idea?,” was based on a misunderstanding on my part. I had forgotten that Time Warner Cable (TWC) was no longer a part of Time Warner. Time Warner Cable was spun off from Time Warner, the film and TV production company, in 2009, and though independent, TWC continues to use the Time Warner brand as part of the agreement. As a result, I mistakenly assumed that Time Warner companies CNN and HBO would be part of the merger with Comcast, if it came to pass, but that is not the case. A recent article on the CNN website even carried the headline, What a Comcast – Time Warner Deal Could Mean for You. But that is no excuse for my error. Since that assumption was an integral part of the article, we have removed the article from our website. I apologize for the error. 

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