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Despite the recent ClimateGate emails and surrounding scandal, President Obama seems to be going on ahead with the Copenhagen talks on climate change. 

Yet, for all that Copenhagen is supposed to end wasteful carbon emissions, the summit is set to create quite a few on its own.  In fact, the 12-day Copenhagen conference is estimated to produce over 40,000 tons of carbon emissions.

That is actually about as many carbon emissions as the entire nation of Morrocco emitted in the entire year of 2006.  In fewer than two weeks, the environmentalists in Copenhagen will have generated more carbon emissions than an entire African nation would in a full year.

The conference will cost around $215 million in US dollars, or 130 million English pounds.  Much of the money to fund the conference was donated by the Danish government, which in turn was funded by the Danish taxpayers.

Fox News points out:

Approximately 140 aircraft carrying world leaders, heads of state and VIPs will land in Copenhagen, the U.N. estimates — although 95 percent of departures from Copenhagen Airport will be “green departures,” which allow airplanes to climb continuously to their optimal operating level, enabling them to reach planned routes sooner than usual. The result, according to the U.N., is saved time, fuel and carbon emissions.

But Michaels [of the Cato Institute] wonders why attendees, particularly those in Europe, can’t ride the rails into Copenhagen.

“That’s the way I get to New York,” Michaels said. “There’s nothing new here. There’s always been a lot of hypocrisy amongst the climate change political community.”

Indeed, if those environmental fanatics were really about saving the environment, you’d think that the European attendees might consider taking the train rather than flying.

Keep your eyes peeled for any rogue members of the media who decide to report on Copenhagen’s gross hypocrisy.

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