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Paul “Luke” Kuhn a member of D.C. Antifa and one of the Disrupt J20 organizers who planned on shutting down the Deploraball with Butyric acid was spotted Saturday at the March For Truth, a rally organized in part by Linda Sarsour who has connections with Hamas and has attended events with Palestinian terrorists.

Kuhn was busted in January by Project Veritas for his part in planning on shutting down the Deploraball with harmful Butyric acid. He was arrested in February and pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit assault. He received no jail time and instead was given 48 hours of community service and told to remain on good behavior. James O’Keefe the man behind Project Veritas believes this was a light sentence and that “Justice has not been served” since Kuhn appeared to have violated D.C. anti-terrorism laws Kuhn was spotted at the March For Truth listening in on the rally. When asked why he was in attendance he has this to say

“Donald Trump is a Russian puppet, he is an enemy of the people, he is a wannabe Hitler, wannabe Mussolini, had it not been for the fact he had been unable to consolidate power a lot of us wouldn’t even be here today”

He was then asked what people like him could do in regards to Trumps agenda his response was.

“Stand in the gears slow him down, keep him from accomplishing his policies, shelter immigrants, block his investigations, investigate him, go on offense, let’s turn this into another Watergate”

When pressed if this involves doing whatever is necessary his response was “Whatever it takes” He was then pressed further if this would include actions similar to his failed attempts at shutting down the Deploraball he would not comment on the issue and instead said “You just have identified yourself as a member of the far right”

Even when asked to give his side of the story Kuhn would not respond. Instead he got on his bike and rode around the rally. Off camera he later approached the reporter on his bike and threatened to get security. He was not seen after that

Kuhn was also in the news January after it was found out that he was an advocate for pedophilia. Kuhn appeared in the news again in April after he was seen in a video among a crowd of Antifa members one of which assaulted Rebel Media reporter Jack Prosobiec. Whether or not Kuhn’s participation in that event or his attendance in the March For Truth qualify as “good behavior” as per terms of his sentence remain to be seen.

However Kuhn did say that he was willing to do “whatever it takes” to “put sand in the gears” of Trump agenda. So it appears despite his arrest in February that we have not seen the last of Kuhn or the D.C. Antifa.

In fact D.C. Antifa is planning an event called “Speakout Against Fascism in Washington DC” on June 25th at D.C. Police headquarters. Part of the event reads;

“In January, over 200 activists were arrested and are facing unjust and outrageous charges as a result of the #DisruptJ20 protests at Trump’s Inauguration. Freedom of expression for marginalized communities has never been guaranteed in the United States, and state repression is only getting worse—nationally under Trump, and locally under the newly confirmed police chief, Peter Newsham.”

Clearly D.C. Antifa is not pleased with Kuhn’s and others arrest as a result of DisruptJ20. Could this be what Kuhn meant when he said he would do “whatever it takes” to “stand in the gears” of Trump agenda?

Antifa has been responsible for several violent protests across America and Europe. Such as at the “March 4 Trump”, the “Patriot Day Rally”, Milo Yiannopoulos’s Berkley speech, alt-right protests, and countless others.

While Kuhn’s involvement with planning and organizing Antifa’s next event on June 25th is unknown he appears to be filming for the group as he been spotted twice now with a GoPro around his neck filming. Once in April with the incident involving Jack Posobiec and again at the March for Truth.

Kuhn and Antifa don’t seem to be going away anytime soon and we can only expect the violence from this group to continue as long as President Trump continues his agenda. According to Antifa the name stands for Anti Fascism, in reality however it stands for Anti First Amendment.

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