Accuracy in Media

Ian Bremmer, president of risk consultant group Eurasia Group, took issue with the left-leaning magazine The Economist over the predicted chances of a Marine Le Pen victory in France’s final round of presidential elections. Le Pen, often called a “far right” and “anti-immigrant” candidate by the media, beat out challengers and placed second to centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron in the recent elections this weekend.

Bremer believed Le Pen has a 40% chance because of the volatility of French politics, as of late, and how Le Pen will put Macron on the defensive for defending the current political establishment (although Macron claimed he is anti-establishment).

The Economist stands by their 1% chance of victory for Le Pen, and both Bremmer and The Economist have made a small monetary wager that also involves a bottle of French wine.

Let’s see who wins on May 7th.

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