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Conservative Writer: Yes, the System is Rigged

A great take from Derek Hunter at Townhall [1]:

What’s being rigged now is the election.

I’ve been unambiguous in my criticism of Donald Trump, but he is absolutely correct the electoral system is rigged. He narrows it to being against him, but it would be rigged against any Republican who ran this year. It’s that rigged.

I’m not talking about voter fraud, though we’ll likely see plenty of that. I’m talking about the media.

If there’s one thing this election cycle has exposed it’s just how symbiotic the relationship between the Democratic Party and the media is. Newspapers might as well run Democratic press releases with reporters’ bylines at this point. Television journalists should just attach a GoPro camera to the hand of whichever DNC official happens to be operating their mouth at any given time. Might as well get a colonoscopy while they’re up there.