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Congressional Panel Issues Subpoenas in Planned Parenthood Investigation

From the Daily Signal [1]:

The House of Representatives Select Investigative Panel issued subpoenas on April 29 to Scinto Group, LLP [2] and Five Star Bancorp [3] to get accounting and bank records of StemExpress, a biomedical tissue procurement company that used to work with Planned Parenthood [4]. StemExpress has reportedly failed to turn over [5] all documents to Congress after the Select Investigative Panelsubpoenaed [6] the company.

“In light of the advice we received from witnesses at our hearing last month, these subpoenas are necessary in order for the Select Investigative Panel to complete a full review of StemExpress’ accounting records,” Panel Chairman Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., said in a prepared statement [7]. “Documents uncovered by our investigation so far point to the very troubling possibility thatStemExpress may have violated federal law [8] by profiting from the sale of baby body parts. We have learned that not only is this investigation warranted, but further examination of accounting records is needed to get the complete facts about what was actually going on.”

Photo by Gage Skidmore [9] [10]