Accuracy in Media

Katie Rich, a writer for ‘Saturday Night Live’, tweeted out that Barron Trump would be the next school shooter on Twitter. She claimed it was a joke gone wrong, but she has since deleted the tweet and she has been suspended indefinitely from her job. Even NPR said the following about going after a president’s child:

By trying to make a joke about Trump’s son, Rich broke a longstanding convention that places the children of politicians — and especially those of presidents — off-limits to ridicule or attacks. In the era of social media, that convention has been tested more frequently in recent years.

But, comedians rally around her and said that it is an issue of free speech. Yes, it is free speech, but free speech does not guarantee one’s job, in some instances like this. It is up to the employer to fire someone over one’s speech and conduct, even if it is a joke gone wrong.

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