Accuracy in Media

CNN’s “Reliable Sources” host Howard Kurtz discussed on Sunday’s show whether or not the media is biased against presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

“Politico has also weighed into the debate saying Republican complaints against bias often ring true,” Kurtz said.

Guest commentators Jennifer Rubin and David Shuster engaged in a heated discussion on matters such as the excessive coverage of Romney’s wealth, and the comparative coverage of Obama’s drug use versus the alleged bullying incident by Romney of a homosexual student.

Kurtz said that conservative commentators claim there is a double standard, but he argued that bias is not always on only one side. He used a Fox and Friends four-minute video of Obama and the national debt as an example. He did point out that the show it aired on is an opinion show

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“I think the reason that Romney is getting so much scrutiny right now is because the press, belatedly in my view, has finally come around to the view that he may win this election,” Kurtz said.

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