Accuracy in Media

Without mentioning why the network saw fit to run an article that tried to explain the nuances of the application of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, not mentioning that the article was (most likely) published in light of ongoing controversy over free speech on college campuses.

Specifically, the article came at a time when conservative commentator Ann Coulter had to cancel her speech after contending with University of California-Berkeley officials. At least they cited the Ann Coulter-Berkeley controversy as its first example, but the article did not state why this is such a controversial issue at this time.

When one goes through the article and the nuances of the application of the First Amendment, it does a good job explaining freedom of speech in private companies versus public employment and on private versus public university campuses.

Still, CNN, please do not hide the reason of why the First Amendment needs to be explained: The Left continues to abuse it to attack conservatives, while trying to protect their own.

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