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CNN’s Jonathan Mann takes a jab at Rush Limbaugh in this short column, renaming Rush the “anti-Obama.”

“It seems like the whole world knows all about Barack Obama, so let me introduce you to the anti-Obama, the second most interesting man in American politics.

Rush Limbaugh isn’t black, slim, stylish or well schooled. He’s a Republican with no elected office but a powerful hold on his party and a place in the news once again.

Limbaugh is the host of a radio show heard across the United States, a big-bellied man who bellows into the radios of millions of people.

He’s confident, uncomplicated and almost always on the attack against Democrats, feminists and anyone on the Left.

As Republicans adapt to the role of an opposition party and search for a new opposition leader, Limbaugh may be emerging as their champion.

The Democrats would love it.

They think that Limbaugh, 58, is the very personification of an ugly Republican stereotype: he’s a small-town college drop-out, an angry white man, who they believe offends the ethnic, urban and educated Americans the Democrats want to attract…”

Mann ends the column saying “The big man with the booming voice that you’re bound to find is the anti-Obama. He’s something to hear.”

Yes, Mann, he’s “really something.”

Note that Mann didn’t quote a single source who actually liked Rush, or cite why the radio personality gets the audience he does.

But he’s quick to give a laundry list of reasons of what detractors think about him.

As Newsbusters’ Matthew Balan points out, “In so many words, the impression Mann gives is that Limbaugh is a right-wing, overweight simpleton.”

What do you think?


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