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During the recent upfronts–an annual presentation where networks preview their fall programs for advertisers CNN made a big pitch for truth after battling with the White House for the last two-plus years.

According to Adweek’s Jason Lynch CNN played a montage of instances where they felt the network’s press access was restricted by the White House.

After the montage ended CNN anchors Wolf Blitzer, Chris Cuomo, Anderson Cooper, Erin Burnett, Don Lemon, and Jake Tapper took the stage to give their views of truth.

Here are snippets of what they said as reported by Lynch;

Blitzer: “The truth. It matters, and it never takes a side. For nearly 40 years, CNN has relied on the truth to tell the stories the world needs to hear.”

Cuomo: “Getting to the truth in the times we’re living in today isn’t always easy. It takes courage, an obsession with facts and a willingness to hold those in power accountable, even when it’s uncomfortable.”

Tapper: “The truth matters whether you lived in New Orleans during [Hurricane] Katrina, or you live in Puerto Rico today. The truth matters in the White House, and on Capitol Hill. Our job, in fact our responsibility is to seek out the truth and find answers.”

Burnett: “The search for the truth has no borders… CNN has a commitment to ‘go there,’ philosophically and geographically like no other news organization in the world.”

Lemon: “It’s not a matter of ‘left’ or ‘right,’ but a matter of fact. It’s only with the facts that we can get to the truth. It has always been the critical role of journalists to seek it out, and since the earliest days of the printing press, people like us have been doing just that.”

Cooper wrapped it up by telling the audience “Today, at CNN we will stop at nothing to ensure our ability to do so and protect it and allow it to flourish. We are living in truly extraordinary times…”

Whether or not advertisers believe the ratings-challenged network can tell the truth remains to be seen.


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