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On Anderson Cooper 360, Wednesday during a segment that was heavily critical of President Trump’s tweet of Covfefe, CNN chief political analyst Gloria Borger had her title misspelled as “Cheif”

Borger had this to say about President Trump “Imagine him home alone at the White House, it’s at midnight, and he’s tweeting about his negative press coverage. And, clearly, [it’s] something that he is obsessing about constantly, and even at midnight, and he is — and then, I don’t know why he ended the tweet with covfefe, but he gave up essentially. But you can imagine him being alone and mad and feeling as nobody to talk to when he has to do his own press. And so he started but then he stopped in the middle of it.”

According to Sean Spicer, Trump meant to tweet covfefe saying “No, I think the president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant,” Whatever Covfefe means, its use by President Trump has made negative headlines in the mainstream media.

On Thursday CNN came out with an article in regards to the tweet saying “That lack of discipline reveals that there is simply no one who can tell Trump ‘no.’ Or at least no one whom he will listen to”

Whether Trump meant to tweet out Covfefe or it was an embarrassing spelling error the mainstream media will not let this slide. If they are going to be critical of President Trump over a misspelled word they should make sure to check their own spelling first.




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