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CNN, in time for Easter weekend, published a piece that attempted to tie the anti-sexual-assault /harassment movement known as #MeToo to Easter. The article, entitled, “How Easter became a #MeToo moment,” was written by CNN writer John Blake.

The article begins and charges that Mary Magdalene, a notable follower of Jesus Christ during his ministry, was ignored and doubted by male religious leaders due to her sex. Blake writes:
“They say Easter is also a story about how charismatic female leaders such as Mary Magdalene — and even Jesus himself — were victimized by some of the same behavior that sparked the #MeToo movement: the sexually predatory behavior of men, the intimidation of women and an orchestrated attempt to silence women who drew too much attention when they spoke up.”
One of the claims in the article is that Magdalene “has been slut-shamed” by today’s Christians, “falsely portrayed in books and films as a penitent prostitute rather than what she really was.” According to one scholar Blake quoted, Magdalene was “[t]he foremost witness of the resurrection and a visionary leader of the early Christian movement.”
Blake countered, calling the claim a stretch. But other scholars Blake talked to agreed that male religious leaders doubted and tried to silence Magdalene when she told them of the risen Jesus Christ.
Still, the narrative remained in the article, where there was criticism of the Bible and Christ’s contemporary male leaders for burying the name of women throughout the New Testament and relating it to how women have been silenced when accusing men of sexual assault and harassment in today’s society.
Either way, CNN’s article attempted to tie the #MeToo movement to Easter and Christians, during a time of Christian celebration, no less.

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