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Ryan Zinke, President Donald Trump’s Department of the Interior cabinet secretary, is not beloved by the media or liberal activists.

Under scrutiny for use of taxpayer dollars and his travel expenses, Zinke is now under fire for alleged comments about diversity at the Department of Interior.

CNN’s headline ran as, “Sources: Zinke tells employees diversity isn’t important.”

However, upon further examination, the sources CNN cited said there was some context to his initial comment:

Three high-ranking Interior officials from three different divisions said that Zinke has made several comments with a similar theme, saying “diversity isn’t important,” or “I don’t care about diversity,” or “I don’t really think that’s important anymore.”
Each time, Zinke followed with something along the lines of, “what’s important is having the right person for the right job,” or “I care about excellence, and I’m going to get the best people, and you’ll find we have the most diverse group anyone’s ever had,” the sources said.

CNN has to recognize that misreporting quotes from high-level officials is highly inaccurate and can be considered journalistic malpractice.

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