Accuracy in Media

During this winter season’s bomb cyclone weather, during which the Southern and Northeastern United States have been hit by freezing and frigid weather conditions, news that Baltimore public school students are freezing in their classrooms hit social media.

CNN ran an opinion piece on the controversy, written by a former Baltimore City elementary school teacher, which called the lack of proper educational facilities, heating, water and air conditioning utilities as racism:

With a closer look at the images, it was hard to miss the color of the children — almost every single one black or brown. Classrooms of freezing children of color is the epitome of systemic racism, laid bare.

She cited the Supreme Court case on desegregating public schools, Brown v. Board of Education, and how school systems and lawmakers have to step up their equal treatment of races in their access to proper school facilities.

However, what is lacking in her opinion piece is where the blame lies.

Instead of blaming one-party politics in Baltimore (where Democrats control the city council and education apparatus) and labor unions (which prioritize teacher tenure over teacher quality), the writer emphasizes actions by education advocates and lawmakers to correct the gap in educational facility access and quality.

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