Accuracy in Media

CNN host Kate Bolduan, in a panel discussion, asked a Democratic Party strategist about the party’s leadership structure. She pointed out that despite claims that the GOP is split and divided, the Democratic Party has lost all three special elections this year and has no clear-cut leader heading into the 2018 midterm elections. Bolduan said:

“Is there an argument to be made that 200 days in the Democrats are in no better place? I mean, look at where Democrats are right now.”

“You lost all the special elections you guys all thought you had a chance in, theres no real clear leader of the party as we’re looking, everyone starts looking, toward 2020, and there’s no real clear message despite the attempt at the reboot.”

The strategist agreed and said that the party has to run and prove itself in 2018, but that the party has time to find a leader.

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