Accuracy in Media

CNN’s headlines have varied between accurate to sensational since the election of President Donald Trump in 2016, and the latest example of a sensational headline is the following:

“Holocaust denier is officially the GOP nominee in Chicago-area House race”

The article’s headline makes a major misrepresentation about the candidate in question, Arthur Jones. Jones denies that the Holocaust actually happened, and has been disavowed by the Republican Party.

But the CNN headline claimed that Jones was “officially the GOP nominee.” Technically, CNN is correct that Jones is the party nominee. But, when you take a closer look, Jones does not have the official backing and endorsement of the Illinois state GOP or the GOP’s congressional arm. Without the official backing and endorsement of the party, it is hard to claim that Jones is the official GOP nominee other than his name will be on the ballot.

Also, the article misrepresents this Illinois congressional seat, where Republicans have a long shot to win the seat.

The incumbent, Dan Lipinski, is a liberal Democratic congressman whose father also was a congressman in the same congressional district. Lipinski squeaked by in his primary election, beating a progressive upstart candidate.

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