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CNN Highlights Democratic Criticism of GOP Candidate Karen Handel for ‘Livable Wage’ Remark

Karen Handel, who is in a tough fight in a congressional special election to fill the seat left vacant by Tom Price (who is now the Trump Department of Health and Human Services cabinet secretary), has been criticized by the Left for remarks in a recent debate on higher minimum wage.

CNN highlighted her response [1] to a question, which was that she did not support a higher “livable wage” (i.e. higher minimum wage). The Democrats blasted her for that remark, but both CNN and the Democrats forgot that higher minimum wages hurt small businesses.

Haven’t they forgot that a higher minimum wage has led to economic problems in cities with higher minimum wages, as a result of the union-backed “Fight for $15” campaign?

For example, a Harvard working paper [2] discovered that with every $1 raise in the minimum wage, there is a 4-10% increase in the likelihood that a restaurant closes.