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CNN Goes All-In on Trump’s ‘Unrelenting War’ on the NFL

CNN’s latest article [1], headlined, “Donald Trump’s unrelenting war with the NFL,” went all-in on the friction between the two.

Trump has been critical of professional football players and their protest during the playing of the American national anthem during his first year in office, and right before this year’s Super Bowl game in a social media post [2] on Twitter.

The CNN article quoted a Trump supporter who is boycotting NFL games because of the anthem protests, a professor who studies the intersection of race and politics at American University, several activists who organized a “Kickball for Kaepernick” game in their community, NFL athlete Tom Brady’s quotes about his relationship with the president, and several quotes from Trump on the issue.

The article is a decent recap of the controversy that the NFL has struggled with all season, which some allege partly led to a drop in TV ratings for the league’s games, but does not add much else to the discussion.