Accuracy in Media

In the “what kind of work” section of CNN’s Clinton Foundation explanation piece, CNN used the Clinton Foundation as a source of what kind of work that the foundation does. Isn’t that…the wrong source to go to, especially when the foundation is embroiled in controversy over foreign donations during an election cycle?

Health is a big focus. In more than 70 countries, according to the foundation, it helps 11.5 million people, including 800,000 children, with HIV/AIDS get their medication at 90% lower cost — more than half the adults and three-quarters of the children getting treatment in the world today.
But it does all kinds of other work as well. For instance, it helps East African farmers get better seeds and fertilizers. It supported Nepal’s reconstruction after the 2015 earthquakes. And it has connected more than 500,000 Latin Americans to job training and entrepreneurship opportunities.
Oh, and that doesn’t cover how another section in the CNN piece asked if “it’s an international do-good group?” Isn’t that a biased or loaded question?

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