Accuracy in Media

CNN’s article hit it on the head: Donald Trump is fulfilling campaign promises one by one. However, the article took shots at Trump by claiming that increasing power emboldens him and he has evolved from being a punchline over the course of the 2016 campaign:

As he progressed from punchline to primary contender, from frontrunner to nominee, and then from seemingly doomed general election candidate to president-elect, Donald Trump has, for all his idiosyncrasies, offered a remarkably consistent package of promises.

Now, less than a week into his presidency, he is beginning to carry them out.

The grinding machinery of federal government has not checked his most extreme ambitions, as so many savvy observers predicted, and the weight of the office has not humbled or aroused in him some reservoir of internal reflection. Instead, much as we saw during the primary — as defeated Republicans fell in line behind Trump only to be mocked or ignored — power only emboldens him.


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