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CNN Criticizes Trump’s ‘Visceral’ Tweets, Defends Obama’s ‘Caution’

In light of recent anti-government protests in Iran, President Donald Trump tweeted his support of the protesters and was critical of the Iranian government, which has long been anti-American. A CNN analysis [1] by Stephen Collinson levied criticism against Trump while defending his predecessor, Barack Obama.

In the analysis, Collinson called the president’s tweets “visceral” when he wrote the following:

Critics say Obama’s method led to hesitancy and underestimated US influence. But it contrasted with Trump’s visceral reactions, which his detractors see as a symptom of rashness and a lack of depth but his supporters view as a refreshing willingness to wield American power more forcefully.
When referring to Obama’s Iran policy, Collinson warned that Obama’s caution was validated:
As protests multiplied in Iran in 2009, Obama did raise concerns about violence and called for the right of protesters to be respected, but he also argued that by getting involved in the situation, the United States, given the historical baggage of its past interference in Iranian politics, would only make matters worse.