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The media spent much more time covering the Women’s Marches across the country than it did the March for Life, in which thousands marched against abortion.

Although the major media outlets did cover and publish at least one article on the March for Life thanks to President Donald Trump’s televised remarks to the marchers, the media published more articles quoting celebrities’ remarks at the Women’s March—much of which was anti-Trump—in the nation’s capital.

CNN published at least six articles over the weekend highlighting the anti-Trump speeches at the D.C. Women’s March, where Cher and Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards spoke.

Other articles discussed the motivations of some of the Women’s March participants, such as a mother-daughter duo, and covered the push for women to get out and vote and the organizers’ political motivations heading into the 2018 midterm elections.

By comparison, CNN published only two articles on the March for Life. One was a primer that explained the march to its readers, and another covered Trump’s remarks.

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