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CNN Correctly Stated Democrats Lost the Government Shutdown Political Standoff

The short-lived government shutdown, which began early Saturday morning and ended Monday afternoon, came to an end due to concessions from the Democratic Party.

The Democrats initially demanded that the Republican majority in the Senate, and by extension, the Republican Party and President Donald Trump, make concessions on providing a pathway for DREAM Act recipients to continue to stay in the country legally.

However, the Democrats went back on their initial demands and agreed to negotiate with the Republicans until the March deadline, when the DREAM Act-like executive order will expire.

CNN’s analysis [1] of “winners and losers” correctly reported that the Democrats and 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls lost when the Senate voted to re-open the government.

The Democrats’ actions closed the government for a short time, they received negative feedback in the polls and they quickly realized that they had little political leverage as the political minority in the Senate.