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CNN, hardly a source of neutral, fair or balanced news reporting and punditry, took a shot at the conservative media. Some of the news organizations named are LifeZette, Wall Street Journal, The Weekly Standard, but CNN saved most of its criticism for Fox News (a chief competitor and one that CNN has not come close to, ratings-wise):

Perhaps most significantly, Fox News has provided Americans — including the president himself — with¬†a 24-hour news source¬†that ignores developments that may be inconvenient for the president while highlighting stories that support Trump’s anti-terror and anti-immigrant rhetoric.

This may provide safe harbor for the president, but the growing restlessness of right-wing populists and enduring criticism of moderate Republicans suggests that conservative media — like the Republican party — is at a crossroads.

Predictably, the CNN article does not mention how the liberal media establishment has been pro-Obama and pro-Hillary Clinton, or rather, pro-liberal.

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