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A CNN editorial hit President Trump for his statement on Martin Luther King Jr. because it followed his alleged comments on immigrants from “sh**hole countries.”

The piece, written by University of Texas history professor Peniel Joseph, cited Trump’s alleged comment behind closed doors with bipartisan leaders, where Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin (Ill.) accused Trump of saying African immigrants come from “sh**hole countries.”

Joseph criticized the president for making a statement on civil rights and deceased civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., because the comments came after the alleged disparaging remarks made the news cycle.

Joseph went on to criticize the Trump administration’s effort to tie Medicaid benefits to work requirements as a “stark contrast to King’s efforts toward economic justice.”

Joseph ended his piece with a possible veiled accusation of racism against Trump, saying:

King’s revolutionary life, fearless love of the poor and wretched and uncompromising stance against war and violence offer hope for a better future. His life also provides a framework for resistance against rising levels of inhumanity, racism and injustice that he would find all too familiar today.

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