Accuracy in Media

CNN used the LGBT media narrative to blast Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Christian legal group Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). The labels often used by the Left and liberal media portray Christians and Christian organizations as anti-transgender, or as in this case, ‘anti-gay’ for following their religious convictions.

Why is the Left upset at Sessions’ remarks? First, they thought it was not appropriate that the sitting attorney general speak to an alleged ‘anti-gay’ group, and second, his remarks would not be released to the public.

Also, CNN did not acknowledge the religious liberty aspect of a Colorado baker case, which was taken up by ADF in court. The baker cited his religious beliefs in declining to provide a cake for a gay customer, which is a recent trend in court cases where religious-minded business owners have been taken to court over their beliefs.

CNN did exclusively quote the opposing side of the religious liberty cases, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), in their article. So much for fair representation.

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