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In CNN editor Chris Cillizza’s recent analysis, headlined, “1 number that explains the total madness of gun politics,” Cillizza pointed to a Quinnipiac poll figure to validate his point of how politicians aren’t doing enough on gun control.

Cillizza pointed to the 97 percent of Americans who support expanded background checks. However, he did not elaborate on the meaning of “expanded background checks,” other than it would work with the national background check system.

Cillizza did not discuss proposals that have been made in the past, which include clamping down on private gun sales, having states comply with the national background check system and imposing bans on semi-automatic rifles.

To close his analysis, Cillizza blamed the National Rifle Association for creating this all-or-nothing environment on guns:

So why doesn’t anything get done?  Because of the National Rifle Association’s striking success in selling the slippery slope argument. The NRA has convinced its members — and the many members of Congress the organization donates to — that allowing any sort of movement toward more gun control is an inevitable step to someone from the government coming along to collect your guns.

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