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CNN Avoided Mentioning How Many Jobs were Added in Jobs Report, Focused on Lack of Wage Growth

CNN’s article [1] on last week’s jobs report was a negative one, where the article avoided mentioning how many jobs were added to the U.S. economy (209,000 jobs were added, per CNBC [2]), but admitted that the unemployment rate is at a sixteen-year-low.

But, the article focused on the lack of wage growth, ignoring the signs of a potential economic recovery.

It’s as if CNN is trying to push a narrative about the president and his handling of the economy.

The reality is that the recent jobs report is encouraging, but far from a robust jobs report across the board. The unemployment rate has its critics, who would prefer the use of labor force participation rate instead.

However, CNN did not have to paint a negative picture, even a neutral headline would suffice, and should have included how many jobs were added to the economy.