Accuracy in Media

CNN analyst Julian Zelizer, is also a history and public affairs professor at Princeton University, wrote an analysis on what the Democratic Party should do and say in the months leading up to the 2018 midterm elections this November.

In the analysis, Zelizer advised Democrats to avoid talking about impeaching President Trump as avoiding concrete policy is detrimental to election messaging.

“The biggest challenge for Democrats is to avoid letting anti-Trump fervor drown out their own message,” he said.

He later added that running on the Russia collusion investigation is risky, “This is especially risky given that unemployment is now at historically low 3.9 percent and Trump might be on the cusp of helping to orchestrate a major peace deal between North and South Korea.”

Zelizer also pointed out that the Democratic Party establishment’s heavy hand in primaries could depress voter turnout and end up backfiring for the party.

CNN did not run a piece advising Republicans on what to do to prepare for the 2018 midterms, which appears to validate conservatives’ accusations that the network is liberal and not impartial.

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